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Meet Renée!

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Greetings, let us introduce you to the transformative practice of Reiki, facilitated by Renée, an experienced Reiki practitioner. Renée specializes in harnessing the power of energy healing to promote overall well-being, relaxation, and healing. Allow us to provide you with a brief overview of Reiki and its numerous benefits.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that focuses on channeling universal life energy. Through the practitioner's hands, this energy is directed into the recipient's body, promoting balance and harmony within their energetic system. By unblocking stagnant energy and restoring its natural flow, Reiki supports the body's innate healing abilities and enhances overall vitality.

One of the remarkable aspects of Reiki is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, offering a gentle and nurturing approach in today's fast-paced world. Reiki sessions promote deep relaxation and inner peace, providing individuals with a sense of calm and tranquility. Tension is released, and relief from daily pressures can be found through this practice.

Reiki also holds potential benefits for individuals dealing with sleep issues, such as insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns. By restoring balance in the body's energy centers, Reiki creates an environment conducive to restful sleep. Regular sessions have been known to improve sleep patterns, resulting in a more rejuvenated and refreshed state upon waking.

In addition to stress reduction and improved sleep, Reiki has a profound impact on the body's natural healing processes. By promoting the free flow of energy, Reiki stimulates the body's self-healing mechanisms, aiding in recovery from various ailments and injuries. Reiki can complement conventional medical treatments and therapies, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

Renée has expanded her Reiki practice and now offers sessions at the Two Souls Yoga Studio, conveniently located at 469 Bouchard Street in Sudbury. This serene and welcoming environment ensures easy access to the benefits of Reiki. To schedule a session or for more information, direct inquiries can be made by calling Renée at 705-207-7205 or visiting her Facebook page, Reiki with Renée. Alternatively, appointments can be booked by contacting the studio at 705-522-6222.

Thank you for considering the healing power of Reiki. Renée looks forward to guiding you on your wellness journey, utilizing the transformative energy of Reiki to support your overall well-being.


Nicole Cameron

Founder of Emote Yoga & Wellness Inc.

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Nicole is a dedicated yogi and wellness advocate, with a passion for nurturing both the body and the mind. With over 28 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, she has honed her expertise in various healthcare settings, including medical, rehabilitative, and fitness-based environments. Nicole's continuous quest for self-improvement allows her to share her personal journey with an open heart. She seizes every opportunity to enhance her nursing skills, ensuring her clients receive the utmost care and holistic treatments.

Driven by her commitment to wellness, Nicole has pursued additional education throughout her career. Notably, she completed her medical acupuncture certificate at McMaster University, delving into the intricate connections between neuro-physical dysfunctions and tailored treatment approaches. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and vast experience, Nicole excels in assessing her clients' unique needs and formulating comprehensive treatment plans that foster better health outcomes.

Nicole's therapeutic offerings revolve around the principles of yoga and energy healing. Combining her nursing expertise with her deep understanding of the body's subtle energies, she incorporates practices such as acupuncture using stimulation, trigger point release, cupping, neuromodulation, and a range of massages, including deep tissue, hot stone, Indian head, and her newly developed chakra massage. Her treatments are specially designed to address acute and chronic injuries, neurological deficits, pain management, immobility issues, and various physical dysfunctions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nicole radiates a carefree and vibrant aura that resonates with those around her. Her zest for life and love permeates every interaction, uplifting spirits and inspiring others. With great pride, she intuitively connects with each individual, creating a safe space where they feel heard and recognize their own worth in the world. While her physical yoga practice may have fluctuated over the years, Nicole remains true to her yogic principles off the mat, integrating them into her everyday life.

Nicole finds joy in the simple pleasures of existence, cherishing her roles as a wife and mother to two grown children, alongside her beloved fur babies. During her leisure time away from the studio, she embraces a naturistic lifestyle, immersing herself in backpacking adventures, mountain hikes, and refreshing swims.

Excitingly, Nicole has recently penned a book, which will soon be published, offering a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. Stay tuned for the launch of this transformative work. For a glimpse into her insightful musings, you can visit her blog at

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