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The Team

Discover Our Journey

Kaitlyn Castonguay

Lead Receptionist

Introducing Kaitlyn, the spirited lead receptionist at the chiropractic clinic. Beyond her exceptional organizational finesse that keeps the clinic's bustling schedule in check, Kaitlyn's true passion lies in nurturing her mind and body through invigorating yoga sessions. While her dedication to work is unwavering, she always makes time for her number one priority: family. Whether she's scheduling appointments or sharing tips on finding work-life balance, Kaitlyn effortlessly infuses the clinic with her vibrant energy and commitment to holistic well-being.


Sonia Laberge


Meet Sonia, the warm and welcoming receptionist at our vibrant chiropractic clinic. With a genuine passion for customer service and a nurturing demeanor, she ensures a seamless and positive experience for every visitor. Her exceptional  friendly presence creates a harmonious atmosphere that complements our holistic approach to well-being.

Tyler Bruce

Social Media Manager

Introducing Tyler, a talented social media manager for our esteemed chiropractic clinic. With a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies, he skillfully creates content to connect with our online community. As husband of our owner, Dr. Kass, they share the dedication to wellness and building a thriving online presence.

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