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What To Expect During Your First Visit 

On your initial chiropractic appointment, I will ask you a series of both specific and general health questions as they relate to your injury or condition. I will also perform a thorough physical examination which can include observation, posture assessment, palpation of the spine or joint in question, muscle testing, neurological testing, and orthopaedic testing. Depending on the case, xrays may also be warranted.

Dr. Kass adjustment

I offer services in English and French

For your convenience you may book your initial visit online here.

Dr. Kass Sudbury Chiropractic office

This initial visit will allow me to determine the nature or root cause of your injury or condition and I will then design a treatment plan that is ideal for you based on best available clinical guidelines, years of clinical chiropractic experience and your personal preferences. As such, the cause of your symptoms, along with your outlined treatment plan will be explained to you in detail giving you the chance to ask any questions you might have in a calm and inviting space.


Spine+ is wheelchair accessible.  For your ease, our initial forms are available for download below. 

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