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Pop Sockets Available for Purchase $10

Proceeds will be donated to a local women's centre. Voices for Women is a free, community based, service for women (women identified) who have experienced sexual violence. Sexual and domestic assaults or violent crimes that are rooted in power and control. By providing survivors with a safe space and unconditional support; they empower them to regain a sense of personal power, and recognize their own self-worth as they embark on their healing journey.

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Bouquet of Peonies

August Fundraiser

This August we will be raising money for a cause near and dear to our hearts at @twosoulsyoga. There are many families that experience pregnancy loss and infertility in Northern Ontario and treatments and travel can be expensive.

As a family- based chiropractic clinic that focuses on pediatric and prenatal care, this cause hits close to home for us. As such, we have partnered with Robyn from @bliss_candlesco to help raise money for a new Northern Ontario Fund she is starting. Our main event will be on Friday August 27th, 2021 where I will donate $20 from each adjustment that is performed. Along with that we will also be selling her lovely candles and other goodies!

@bliss_candlesco was created by Robyn Hobbs in 2021. Because of her personal struggle with miscarriage and infertility, she decided to start a fund to help other women and families in Northern Ontario who are going through similar experiences.

Robyn's goal is to raise awareness and end the stigma on miscarriage and infertility. She speaks openly about her own experiences on their Instagram page @bliss_candlesco to help others understand and know they are not alone.

25% of each candle sold will be going directly towards this initiative and will help Northern Ontario families to pay for services not covered by OHIP or insurance such as:

fertility treatments

specialist appointments


Naturopathic Doctor appointments



Applications for funding will be available shortly. Please connect with me for more information!

                                            In Health,


Adjust For a Cause


I wanted to showcase the amazing impact that chiropractic care can have on athletic


performance! I personally love to treat athletes and use chiropractic to help them improve their


conditioning, fitness, muscle power and performance as well as their endurance. There is


significant research and clinical studies demonstrating that chiropractic care can help to


improve all of these factors (obviously with proper diet and exercise as well).


This shout out goes to one of my patients, Connor MacDonald. He is also a Sudbury Laurel, for


which I am the Team Chiropractor for their gymnastics team! Check out his impressive stats and


accomplishments since having started chiropractic and you will be able to see what


chiropractic, along with living a healthy lifestyle, can do for your life. (Stats and photos given


with patient - and guardian - permission).


2019-2020 (Continues with Chiropractic for maintenance)

March - 3rd Cup - Gold - Mobilized to Level 6 National.

February - 2nd cup - Bronze

December - 1st Cup - Silver


-2018-2019 (Started Chiropractic)

July - Canadian National Championships - Bronze in individual competition, selected to Team Ontario for team Competition - Gold.

April - 3rd Cup - Gold

April - Team Ontario Tour Selection (Quebec) - Silver

(He started seeing me around this time)

March - 2nd Cup - Bronze

February - 1st Cup - Bronze


-2017-2018 (Before Chiropractic)

May - Eastern Canadian Championships - Team Ontario - 2nd (tied for 1st but got 2nd due to tie breaker).

April - 2nd Cup - 2nd

March - 1st Cup - 6th

Parent testimonial: "As you can see, his performances have been great since having you on his team! If you recall last year, he was in so much discomfort that he was avoiding tumbling and he went to nationals and tumbled for 4 straight days without any discomfort or pain!"

- Steve MacDonald


I truly love what I do, and love stories like these. This is why I am a chiropractor.

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